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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Les Miz 2: The Beggar Cometh

With Andrew Lloyd Webber writing a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, I thought I'd try my hand at coming up with a concept for another musical sequel - Les Miz 2: The Beggar Cometh.

This new musical, following on from Les Miserables and set roughly ten years later at the onset of the First World War. Ms and Mme Thenadier have now relocated to Germany to benefit from the spoils over the War, only for a series of comedic events to occur that eventually end up with Ms Thenadier (here given the name Lewis) being a tank driver on the battlefield and Mme (Cheri) Thenadier becoming a hospital matron. In an amazing turn of events, Lewis comes across Marius (now a commanding French officer) and betrays him, leaving him at the mercy of the Germans. Cosette (disguised as a male officer and infiltrating the Germans) has to decide whether she follows the virtuous path set out for her by Jean Valjean and saves Thenadier, her childhood tormentor, or lets the Germans have their way. Marius, meanwhile tracks down Cheri Thenadier, seeking her help to return Cosette to him from the person who created her dark, tormented side.

The new musical contains songs such as: Revolution!, A Flee In The Dark, Soldier Girl, War Of A Thousand Faces, The Beggar Cometh, The Trouble With Yemen, Bullets and Bombshells, Espionage Of Life, The Marching Song, Master of the Burn Ward, Decadent Deceit and many, many more.

It's a work in progress - I'm open to suggestions.

(This post was written with tongue firmly in cheek - I'm aware Les Miserables takes place a long time before WWI. This disclaimer has been added to prevent Mr Hugo from rolling in his grave).

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