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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The answer: Wikipedia?

Who are the people who edit Wikipedia? Yes, it can be done by anyone, but what are the things people are more likely to edit - the things they are interested in or knowledgable about. In the following documentary, people discuss their use of Wikipedia and whether or not it is a reliable source for information. Interesting points for discussion: is the information we want students to look up likely to be wrongfully edited (especially in Simple English Wikipedia); Wikipedia is a collaborative enterprise, i.e. social constructivism at work; the need for students to cross-check references; do the students know how to use Wikipedia appropriately (once again, critical literacy). Here is the documentary, it's an interesting watch:

And Michael Scott's interpretation of Wikipedia and why we need to teach our students the possible dangers of blindly following Wikipedia articles:

Finally, an examination of the pitfalls of Wikipedia (including the Encycolopedia Britannica debate), College Humor Style:


  1. This is a nice little collection of videos on Wikipedia, which you've effectively brought into conversation with each other by reframing them on your blog. That's collective intelligence at work!

  2. The last video linked to an ad for "Date Night" - the cost of "free" websites?


  3. Indeed - and the result of not monitoring content!