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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The purpose of iMusings...

I have created iMusings as a portal for me to share information on music I am currently into, movies I am eagerly waiting to see (or have seen), books I have read and want to recommend (and some I do not want to recommend), my own writing and often unformed ideas for books, movies and music and lastly (and most importantly) this is a blog for musings on my career and studies: that of primary teaching. Everything comes together in this one place - feel free to leave comments and I will strive to get back to you. Until next we speak, adios.


  1. I like your integrated approach. It'll be interesting to hear how easy you find it to bring together social/entertainment and study/professional interests. You're definitely with the times though - this kind of integration of the personal and professional is the way things are heading at the moment. Facebook and Twitter are good examples, but more and more peole are using blogs this way as well.

  2. I figure it's a good chance for people to get to know more about me, whilst also using for the purposes of the course and for a hub for other places I visit online. Everything can come together!